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Demo from Italy Remix 2010

2010-07-01T22:44:49+01:00 by Andrea Boschin

Last June 23 I had the pleasure of presenting an introductive session about Silverlight at . During the presentation, included in the “jump start” track, I’ve illustrated the basic capabilities of Silverlight using a simple application that consume a RSS feed from the . The feed give news about all the Earthquakes happening on the world surface and all them are geo tagged.

So, during the session, I’ve showed the application growing from a simple reader to a complex and effective tool to display the earthquakes on a map, using the Silverlight control for Bing Maps. The people was impressed by the application, so I decided to publish the sample on my blog, hoping it can become a good starting point for people wants to approach the Silverlight development.

The application is really simple, without any surprise for skilled people, but it show the main points, from where someone must start. You can see layout, shapes, brushes, animations, projections, network access, syndication and data binding, but also show the power of an Out of browser application and the customization of the window chrome. I hope you enjoy the sample.

Download: code | live demo